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Barza Fire System Company has been established at 2019, licensed by Kurdistan Region of Iraq’s Ministry of Interior and is registered with the Ministry of Trade, BarzaFire System Company is of Barza Group companies which is containing the following companies:

Barza Group companies used to provide their customers a high quality services and products, therefore Barza Fire System, due research and study was done to understand the requirements of fire & safety market in the region with special focus on the official regulations. Where it also offers Maintenance services which ensures the safety of physical and human assets of its clientele, to manage this high level of talent and experience, the company supports a recognized apprenticeship program, provides ongoing security and fire protection discipline programs for field and technical staff, and persists a leader in meeting changing industry standards. We provide great service to our clients with genuine equipment and accomplish the job as per the client’s satisfaction and requirements of KRG Civil Defense Directorate in time, without any obstacles.

Proudly, Barza Fire System Company have more than 30 projects around KRG’s provinces, depends on our client’s satisfaction and accurate result. We only provide the optimum level of service, where you are unable to find it out from other fire safety companies. Our employees know the obligation to endure our services at maximum level without hesitating or distinguishing our client’s background or their interactions towards us.

Company Profile

We at ‘BarzaFire’ take immense pride in designing, and distributing fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems all over the Iraq. We are the renowned brand known for distributing fire extinguishers products, supply installation testing and authorizing fire suppression systems over the last two decades. ‘BarzaFire’ lay immense value in offering quality assured products and services to our valued clients.

  • – Strong Infrastructure
  • – Extensive Network
  • – One Stop Solution
  • – Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Customer First

We are committed to understand the need of our customers and try to exceed their expectations.


We are inclined to create novel ways and chances of making life much safer with our safety tools and products.


Barzafire exists to serve customers. whose demands are the driving forces behind our development...


We try to maintain high professional and ethical standards that need to be met by our company.


Our team of skilled engineers and workforce remains always ready and willing to meet new set of challenges.

Continuous Improvement

We value and respect our customers. Hence, we look forward to continuous improvement in the quality.